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5 Free Games Without WiFi For Android

Playing android game is very common in these days. You can download free android games and paid android games from play store. But games like mortal combat, sniper 3d and much more requires wifi or cellular data to upgrade the game. So today I will show you some of the best games without wifi for android which you can play without any wifi data.

There are lots of games are available in the android play store, but nowadays there are much more games which require wifi data or cellular data to play this game. Today I will show you some of the best free games without wifi for android which you can play offline easily.

Free Games Without WiFi

So here is the list of some of the best free games which you can play offline or without wifi and cellular data. These games will not ask you to download any data while playing games.

5 Free Games Without WiFi For Android

1). Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is the racing video game which was developed by Gameloft company. This is the best and much popular android games at play store. You will get four controller options in this game like On screen controls, tap to steer, tilt to steer and “tilt and icons”. From these control options, I personally prefer to go with “tilt and icons” because in this you can accelerate manually from on screen and control steering by tilting device.

There is also a huge amount of cars option available like Chevrolet Camaro, GTA Spano, Ferrari and many great cars. You will get locations such as Tokyo, London, Dubai, and Monaco.You can get lots of enjoyment by playing this game. It is an offline game so you can play this without wifi or cellular data. So this is the best game without wifi for android which you can play offline.

 Download Link From play store

2). Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s adventure is endless snowboarding offline adventure game for Android devices. The character moves automatically from left to right side of the screen. You have to jump in the air to perform tricks. You will get coins for performing tricks while jumping.

This game will give you some goals to complete in period time and you will get some credits after completing these goals. It’s easy to play so I decided to put this game on the list of “games without wifi for android devices”.

Download Link From play store

3). Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is the one on one fighting game. You have to control positions and actions to fight, against your opponent. This game provides you lots of characters so you will not get bored. The levels are just awesome for fighting. You can upgrade your character from points and character.

You will get points for combo actions. Your winning chances depend on your timing of actions. This game provides martial arts moves for fighting. Because of so many features, I decided to put this game on the list games without wifi for android. You will not need any cellular or WiFi data to upgrade your character or any weapon, you will just need coins.

Download Link From play store

4). Earn to Die 2

This is also one of the best game without wifi for Android devices. This game is based upon on a zombie apocalypse theme. It’s not the racing game, you have to drive vehicles on the road filled with zombies. You will get amazing vehicles in this android game. It’s the endless game where you have to drive through zombies to reach your safety point.

You will get coins after completing your levels and you can use those coins to upgrade your vehicles or to buy new vehicles. Because of new story mode, you will be able to drive through roads, broad highways, tunnels and factories which are filled with zombies. You just have to download this game once it will not ask you to download any data or upgrade while playing, It’s an awesome offline game for Android.

Download Link From play store

5). Angry Birds Star Wars 2

This is the last best game without wifi for Android devices in this list. Everyone had played angry birds once in their life right. This is a just awesome smash hit game. Where you have to target pigs and shoot them down. They have upgraded so many features in this game.

Now you can join villains team in this version of a game. You can take the side of PIGS. You can now able to take commands of PIGS army. You can become JEDI or SITH MASTER after completing levels. You can unlock so many things in this game. You will be able to use teleportation also.

Download Link From play store

So these are the some of the best games which you can play offline. Don’t worry these games won’t ask you to download any data while playing a game.If you like these free “games without wifi for android” list then like and share this post with your friends and family. Also check out Watch Best TV Shows Online for free Without Download.

If you want more list about free games without wifi for android then please comment below and I will write the second post about best free android games which you can play without wifi or cellular data on your android devices.

Where Can I Watch TV Shows Online for free Without Download?

Where Can I Watch Best TV Shows Online for free Without Download? – Watching movies or TV shows has become one of the best ways to pass the time. Being at home on a week of certain people would not like to run other errands and just relax and watch TV Shows Online or stream movies online, which seems to be the perfect plan for a holiday.

And if you have missed one of your favorite shows just because of excess load and burden then you need not worry as you can easily enjoy continuing watching your favorite TV shows online and that too for free without signing up for any account.

Also, it is very irritating that once you have worked and searched so hard and then the website demands an account for a sign-up. Therefore here below are the given lists of websites that let you have the enjoyment and that too all for free.

Watch TV Shows Online

Watch Best TV Shows Online for free Without Download

You will not be asked to make any account or sign ups, and you can enjoy streaming apps for free. The given websites will help you watch tv shows online without download so that you can easily enjoy watching it without any disturbance.

  1. Amazon

Prime Video is till date one of the best sites for streaming TV shows and movies online. You get a thirty days trial as a free member so you can enjoy watching your favorite shows for free and later if you like this app you can even subscribe to it for an unlimited fun. It is the home for many awards winning TV shows too. So get the best here.

  1. Solar Movie

It is one among the most popular website that has been running successfully till date. There are so many other websites too that are available, but they are not for free and require many sign ups so that you can watch your favorite TV shows but not free of cost.

This website is allows streaming movie and Watch best TV shows online free. So be it any TV show old one or the latest episodes you will be able to enjoy all that you have missed. You can also search for the shows date wise.

Also in case, you need to see the latest updates you can visit the website of ButterBlog and have a full fledged detail of everything happening in TV show world.

  1. PrimeWire

It is also the most reliable streaming application for you till date. It easily gets updated every minute as any new notification pops out. So you can get to see the top rated TV shows that are running. You will be able to see the link of the movie at every page, and also you will be suggested other top rated options too so that to make you navigation easier. The services are free of cost so you need not work hard to stream your favorite shows or movies.

  1. MovieManiac

It keeps on updating its websites with the latest and new releases like with any movies or any TV show. Since getting a lot, many options in front of you would be very confusing so to make this tedious work easier you need to add some filters. You can watch your favorite movies and shows for free without even signing up or subscribing to the websites. It can be a helpful website in case you need to search for trending movies and TV shows.

  1. Tube+

Well in case you need to catch up with the latest TV shows then is the website that you have been looking for. If you are a fan of TV sitcoms, then this one offers you the trendy and latest episodes so that you can enjoy streaming TV shows without making any account or spending any money as everything is free of cost. It is one of the best websites (free movie streaming websites) for the TV fans.

So above mentioned websites would certainly help you stream your favorite TV shows and also movies without spending any money or making any account. Just visit the website type your favorite TV show and you are all set to have a dose of unlimited fun. So do not pay for other streaming websites as you will always be provided with many alternatives.