OGYouTube app for android, iOS and PC

YouTube is best source of entertainment when it comes to watching videos and movies. However, at some point of time, we might like a video too much that feel like downloading it. Although YouTube has introduced it’s offline feature, it is not that much effective. Hence, we would like to introduce a new app call OGYouTube app with the help of which you can download YouTube videos for free and in no time. Let’s have a look on the procedure for downloading this app.

How to download OGYouTube app for android phones and tablets?

Unfortunately, OGYouTube even after being an amazing app is not available in the official google play store. Hence, in order to get this amazing app on your android device, just follow these below mentioned simple steps and you can install this app on your smartphone in few minutes.

  1. First of all, connect your android phone to mobile data or WiFi.
  2. Then, launch any android browser like chrome, opera etc. or the default android browser.
  3. Go to google and search for OGYouTube apk download or simply OGYouTube apk.
  4. Next, you will be able to see multiple links claiming to provide this app. Simply examine all the results and download the apk file of this app from any website.
  5. Next, you will be able to see download progress of the app in your notification bar or the browser.
  6. Meanwhile, since we are not downloading the app from non market sources, we need to make sure that the app is legit and enable installation of apps from non market sources.
    For this, go to settings from the app drawer of your device. Then go to security and there you will be able to see an option titled “non-market sources”. Please check (tick) the box in front of it to enable the option, else you will not be able to install the app.
  7. Then, navigate to the folder where the downloaded apk file of the app has been saved and tap on it to launch the installer. Simply agree to all the permissions and keep on tapping on the next
  8. That’s it, you app will be installed and ready to use in fraction of few seconds.

How to download OGYouTube apk for PC? (Windows and Mac)

In order to use OGYouTube app on your Mac or Windows based PC or laptop, you need to install any android emulator. There are a number of good android emulators available for PC for absolutely free of cost like nox app player, droid4x etc. However, our favourite and most popular android emulator is bluestacks. So, one you have downloaded the android emulator, follow the below described steps to proceed further:

  1. Connect your PC to the internet and launch any good browser.
  2. Next go to any search engine, for instance google.com and search for “OGYouTube apk” or “OGYouTube app”
  3. You will be able to see a number of results for your search query, simply go with any result that seems to be authentic and legit.
  4. Now, simply download the apk file of OGYouTube app on your PC
  5. Once the file has been downloaded completely, go to the downloaded folder and search for the downloaded app.
  6. Since you have already installed bluestacks emulator, you should be able to see the downloaded apk file with bluestacks icon. This simply means that the file is supported by bluestacks.
  7. Next, double click on the downloaded app to launch it.
  8. That’s it, now you will be able use this app on your PC.

How to download OGYouTube app on iOS devices? (iPhone & iPad)

Just follow these simple steps to download OGYouTube app on your iPhone or iPad device.

  1. Launch any browser, your phone being connected to the internet.
  2. Now, search for “OGYouTube app” on google.
  3. You will be able to see a lot of results for this earch query. However, you need focus on downloading the .IPA file of that app since we are downloading is for iPhone.
  4. Once the file has been downloaded to your iPhone, it’s time to install it now.
  5. Go to the folder where the file is saved and install it.

Popcorn Time APK Download

Movies and TV shows are the best source of entertainment for us. We all love to watch movies and TV shows. However, we always are not free and sometimes we are not able to take time from our busy schedule to watch these, and we end up missing some of them.

To take down this issue we have an amazing app named “popcorn time app.” Popcorn time is a wonderful app with great features. Using this you will be able to watch your favorite movies and TV shows from your device and that also at anytime and anywhere. This app also has a big list of features:

FEATURES Of Popcorn Time APK:

  • You can stream movies of your choice.
  • You also have the option to stream TV shows.
  • All the movie and TV shows are available in HD quality.
  • All of them are well categorized according to their genres.
  • You can choose the language of the video you are going to stream.
  • You also have a feature of subtitles for any movie or TV show.
  • All of this is free which is the best part of this app.



This app is not available on play store so you need a third external means to download this which is mentioned below:

For Android

  • First of all, you need a good internet connection and a pre-installed browser in your Android device.
  • Next, you need to open up the browser and go to the search engine like Google, Bing, etc.
  • In this search engine type “popcorn time apk download.” This will give you top 10 results related to the query.
  • Go to the results that seem authentic and click on the download button to download the app.
  • You might also need to turn the “unknown sources” on in your settings>security>unknown sources as the file is not getting the download from Google Play store.
  • Finally, click on download and your application will get downloaded.
  • Now you can enjoy your favorite movies on your Android device with the help of this app.
  • For PC/Laptop
  • As this app is an apk, so there is not a direct way to use the app on your PC/Laptop, you need an emulator that can run Android apps on your PC.
  • Emulator like Bluestacks can be used in this case.
  • Now open your browser and in the search engine search for “popcorn time apk download”.
  • Look for the most genuine appearing results out of them and then open it.
  • Download the app and once it is downloaded, double-click on it and the file will automatically open with Bluestacks.
  • Now you can enjoy your favorite movies on your PC/Laptop with the help of this app.

For IOS:

  • Before downloading the app for your IOS, you need to make sure that you have Cydia installer on your IOS device. After installing Cydia installer, you can follow these steps.
  • Open up any browser of your choice that you have on your device and search for “Popcorn time IPA download”.
  • Now you will see some top 10 results on Google.
  • Choose the one which seems most legit and downloads the IPA file from there.
  • After the IPA file gets downloaded, launch the Cydia installer and drag the downloaded file into Cydia installer. Make sure your phone is connected while doing this step.
  • Now you just need to sign up on Cydia installer, and you will have your app installed in your IOS device.
  • Now you can enjoy your favourite movies on your IOS device with help of this app.



Popcorn time is an amazing app which is really helpful when you are looking for your favourite movies and TV shows. This app allows you to stream, watch and download your favourite videos and that too for absolutely free. This app has some great features like availability of videos in HD qualities and categorization with genre which make it easy for you to search and look for the videos you wanna see.

In this article we told you about how we can download this wonderful app in different devices and we presented a step to step and easy to do guidelines for that. We hope that you can now download the app without any problems and then enjoy the movies and shows with the app. Now go and watch your favourite movies and TV shows.