Top 5 best android action games

Android is the most common smartphone platform over the world with pretty good number of users and registrations taking place every year. And so goes for the number of android based games. There are a large number of games available in every genre to satisfy the urge of heavy gamers. Here, we have the list of best android based action games that every gamer must try at least once. So, if you had been looking for some of the best action games for android, below is the list of best action games.

Top 5 action games for Android:

  1. RunGunJumpGun: The app’s name says all about the app. If you are addicted to video games and grew up holding a remote control in your hands, then this app is made for you. RunGunJumpGun is simply and amazing shooting game with more than 120 levels at present. We can expect more levels to be introduced in the upcoming updates. Players get introduction via a simple guide to know the basics of the game. Later on, apart from shooting their enemies, they are also required to collect as many Atomiks as they can to level up.
  2. Titan Brawl: Titan Brawl, in addition to an action game, is more of a strategy game as well. It is a new entry in MOBA category games and ditches the long boring hours of gameplay. The players get a huge collection of champions to choose from and thereby, create their desired team to win the game. Also, the characters are pretty well designed as expected for a perfect gameplay.
  3. Mobile legends – Bang Bang: Mobile legends, Bang bang is a quite unique game in this category. A short, sweet yet engaging game where the average gameplay lasts for around 10 minutes to assess your action gameplay skills. Even if any of your allies get out of the game, you need not to worry since, still there is a lot left about the game.
  4. Bloons supermonkey 2: Bloons Supermonkey 2 is unique game of it’s own kind that tops the list. The gameplay flows in vertical direction and provides the users with unlimited number of bloons that players can blast very easily. The sequel is far better than part one of this game since it comes with some of the coolest features like – 50+ levels, more than 90 types of tools and 40+ range of power ups. If you crave for a higher level of difficulty in action games, then you must try the diamond level of this game.
  5. War machine tank shooter game: War machine, as the name suggests, is a tank shooting game. Unlike the simple title, the game is even more appealing and challenging. Additionally, war machine being a multi player game where you can make your teams and beat the rivals. Count just 3 minutes as soon as the game starts and your tank will start moving within the battlefield and you will be compelled to shoot your rivals. There are multiple varieties of tanks and the players can go international and compete in multiple countries like china, USA, Russia etc.

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